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The Apple Co is a leader in marketing and distributing of apples and pears. We supply apples and pears to retailers, wholesalers and traders around Southern Africa, concentrating on the Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga Provinces(RSA) Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Democratic Republic of the Congo. red-apples

The Apple Co forms an important part of the local marketing of some of South Africa’s leading producers and pack houses and boast to good and long relationships with some of the country’s leading brands. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and excellent service to customers, while ensuring a competitive and sustainable return to our growers.

We pride ourselves by keeping the producers stock in our own well maintained cold rooms throughout the season. The Apple Co adds its own value to our producers product, by using its own in-house logistics department. We use our own fleet of vehicles to deliver to numerous customers around a 300km radius and have an excellent relationship with some of the country’s best overland transport companies.

Future Vision

The Apple Co strive to expand its current operations further into the African Continent, building a stronger hold on our existing customer basis and to better on an already good and healthy relationship with our old and new promising customers. The Apple Co believe in the one big component of our operation to further expand from the rest and that is service! The Apple Co is expanding by the building of even more cold room space in the Eastern Cape (RSA). The main reason is to secure our ever increasing demand of all varieties of apples and pears, right through the whole year.